My Best Friend, My Angel.

On August 12, my best friend named Angel (I called her Massoo/Moo since I was a little kid), had to be put to sleep. She was very sick. It felt like her sickness had come out of the blue, and everything happened overnight. I actively made the decision to put her down, because she was in extreme amount of pain, and was dying. Her body smelt of decay, she had lost extreme amount of weight, and I could see death in her eyes and the way she behaved. I didn’t want to be selfish, and didn’t want to let her suffer in pain until she passed away on her own. I had to take her out of her pain because I love her.

It was one of the worst things I had to deal with in my life. The process at the animal hospital was a nightmare I don’t wish upon anyone. Though, she seriously passed away with peace, and it was a very quick process. I know she wanted to leave this earth, and I’m glad she’s out of the pain.

She was my best friend, my partner in crime, and my protector. I think about her every day and every night. I miss her with all my heart. I know she’s in a better place, and that she’s out of the pain, but I can’t stop missing her and wishing that she was here.

Moo and I would have the best adventures together. I remember my late night snacks, where I would venture upstairs to grab something from the fridge, and she would follow me up the stairs with her tiny legs. She would be right behind me, and I would share my meal with her.  She loved food.

Moo also loved water, and was really particular with how she wanted her water. She loved drinking water out of a cup made for humans. She would dunk her paws in the cup and lick the water off of her soggy fur, and then at other times she would quickly lick the water with her little tongue. She would also drag the cup on the floor, knocking it over most of the times. She was a really funny cat.

She was also the best at cuddling. She owned me, not the other way around! She would walk on top of me and sleep on top of my chest and stomach, and even on my sides when I was laying on my side! She was my little lion, and loved to perch on top of things, such as myself. She warmed me up with her tiny body, and I loved to pet her under her chin and make her purr!

My Moo loved to sun bathe like a lion, and she would flip on her back, exposing her tummy like a rabbit, and would fall asleep in front of the sun.

I miss lifting her tiny body and having her beautiful little paws rest against my shoulders and back. I miss taking her in the backyard, and letting her smell all the flowers, plants, and items outside. I miss coming home to my baby meowing, and rubbing herself on me. I miss opening cans of chicken and tuna, and see her race to the room so she could eat the food. I miss my baby’s beautiful meow, which had changed multiple times since she was a kitten. I miss her bald spot on the side of her head, beside her ears. It was my favourite place to kiss. I miss whenever I would be upset, or would cry, and my baby would get distressed and would meow like crazy, and kiss/gently bite my forehead so I would stop crying.

She was an extremely beautiful, and extremely special. Everyone who had met my cats, said that my cats are not cat-like at all, but more like little humans. She was my tiny little cat-human, and I will never forget her, and will always miss her.

Now, I am only left with her sister, named Tabby (nicknamed Sibbie from a young age). I love Sibbie so much, and I hope she will remain healthy and happy for many years to come. I know Sibbie misses her sister as well. Until we all meet again in the other world, will always miss you my beautiful Moo ❤